HTML5 WordPress theme

If you want, you can grab my HTML5 WordPress theme. Everything is in there except for the images, as they’re mine, and integral to the look and feel.

The theme is a modified version of the Kubrick theme, which was the most semantic theme I could find when I was porting my orginal site from hand-rolled to WordPress in 2005. Like Kubrick, mine is available under creative commons. I’d be dead chuffed if you’d let me know if you do use it. You’ll probably want to comment out references in sidebar.php to plugins (unless you also use them). Some blah:


  1. Re-instated pubdate attribute to headers for blogposts (probably got inadvertently nuked after some version control apocalypse).
  2. The search results page search.php wasn’t HTML5-ified. Now it is.

Nicholas Gallagher has some useful information about removing a lot of WordPress cruft from the head.

I also use an HTML5 contact form plugin which you’re welcome to download and install.