Letters found on Kazaa

I was reading something on the Interweb about the amount of personal information
that people inadvertently put on-line. So I searched Kazaa for documents called
“letter” that people were, I assume, accidentally sharing with the 3,150,000
users on-line today. I’ve just changed names, nothing else, and they’re little
glimpses into other people’s lives.

Did you catch my kiss at midnight!?

OK well u and me are friends but the more time i spend w/ u the more i just
want to stop the world from spinning and kiss u. i like you so much. i no
this is pointless to be saying this because u don’t like me and don’t really
want to listen but i have to say it out loud . And i no Joanna told u2 say
love u 2 me and don’t say it if u don’t mean it cause it makes me think u
do like me and if u do well that’s great cause i want to have a 3rd chance
and the 1st time we broke up it was cause of me i just didn’t want to go that
fast or something but i made a big mistake and the 2nd time u just weren’t
really in to it i don’t know what u are thinking i don’t know if you still
like Dinah i don’t know who u like or anything but if u like me enough i would
love to be with you cause right now u r 1 of the only people i can trust and
i no you I like u can’t stop thinking bout u
I typed this cause I was waiting for you to get online but you didn’t so I am just going to print it out and put it in our notebook Write back on what you think and please say a lot thanks.
Always loving you

Dear Daddy,

Ever since the wedding, I’ve been wanting to write this letter to you, but not without careful thought…..so here goes.
Throughout life a girl often hears the term “being given away”. I had always
thought it was just a chiche. Until my wedding day. It was quite a monumental
night for me. At the risk of sounding corny, in that 5 or 6 minutes I spent
in my in your arms I really did feel like your screwed-up little girl again!
Only this time I felt not-so-screwed up and was hit with memories of a lifetime
of milestones I had struggled through and accomplished mostly in part because
of you. I knew the song I picked “I Hope You Dance” was appropriate, but I
had no idea how perfect it would be for that moment. Being in my father’s
arms again, your scent Dad, overcame me and it all became a flash of our talks
we would have throughout my life. And then I looked at you and saw that frown
line on your forehead you swore you’d never let get any worse due to anger
and worry, and I noticed it hadn’t!! All of that– our memories, the music,
the moment and you, Dad, I realised that so much of myself had come full circle.
Only to be back in your arms again, like I remember way back when. You have
had such a profound impact on my life Dad. In fact, you have had the biggest
impact on me. All of your lessons, all you’ve taught me – and because of that
I knew for sure right then and there I had made not only the right decision
to marry Tom, but the best decision. He is an outstanding man and had I not
had a role-model like yourself, I might have settled for something less than
the best.
You done a good job Daddy-O. I am a true reflection of you, Dad. I hope you
are as proud as I am. I only hope I can raise my children as well. Maybe with
your help, eh? Have a merry Christmas, Daddy, and please give my love to Brenda.


Letter to Fr. Kevin Nolan

December 26, 2002
Dear Kevin:
As I was putting away the information and notebook for the Lector Training Class we just had, I realized I hadn’t given you the money I collected from each of the participants. I’m really sorry, but I had the cash and the two checks in an envelope in my binder and I just totally forgot about itso here is the $140.00 I collected.
Also enclosed is the invoice from Matthews and Company for the Workbooks for
Lectors and Gospel Readers, another thing I forgot to leave for you; I hope
this hasn’t caused any bookkeeping problems for you.
Last but not least, I want to once again apologize for the problems Jane Taylor
may have caused you; I want to assure you that the Lector Trainer we had did
not tell her wearing an alb would be appropriate. Each time
she asked one her many, many annoying questions, he would tell her what the
norm was and told her it may be different in any given parish, then he would
defer to me, and I would tell him what our policy was for each question she
raised. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with
this situation.

You have been such an asset to the parish and I want you to know how much you are appreciated. Happy New Year to you, may it be filled with God’s love, peace, happiness, and joy. God Bless You!
Love and prayers,

I’m trying to decide how I would want you tonight.

I’m trying to decide how I would want you tonight.
Maybe it would start with a whisper kiss. One shared in front of polite company with just enough suggestion of what will come. You’ll sit beside me with the ghost of my lips still apparent in your smile.
My hand will play with your thigh as you try to concentrate on the words of an unimportant bystander. You’ll wonder if I brushed you there on purpose, but I appear distracted and you assume it was nothing more than an exciting mistake, but I know.
When no one is paying attention, I’ll lean over and take your ear lobe between tender teeth. With warm breath teasing your neck, I’ll whisper “Take me to bed,” and you’ll look up to gauge the truth of my words.
It will take time to extricate ourselves form the crowd, a seemingly infinite space because we are leaving to make love and our eyes hold no secrets. The intent is obvious as you pull me out of a friend’s embrace and towards the door.
Then we are alone and you are sitting beside me. Your hands are bracing either side of my face, preparing me for the most gentle of kisses. Your tongue slides between my lips, stroking mine as softly as a dream lover. My hands caress your neck as you lift me to the bed, placing me there as gently as one would a priceless statue, an invaluable piece of art. But I am warm beneath your hands, nothing like a statue.
We lie there, kissing with wonder as my fingertips trace circles down your back. You break away, long enough to rid both of us of our shirts and then come back to me. Your skin is warm against mine as you scatter kisses down my neck … and further down. Your lips are soft and gentle, my shoulders lift of their own volition and you lower me back to the bed. Your mouth drifts down and I allow it until it reaches the curve of my stomach.

I pull you back up to meet me for a kiss before shifting weights and I am now on top. Then I start my way down, showering your chest with kisses as soft as the sweep of an eyelash. Your stomach trembles when my breath drifts across on its path and reaches your belt buckle…
Perhaps we would forgo formality and meet in the bedroom straightaway.
Imagine it, you walk through the door, a charming smile and a witty comment playing with your lips. I am caught and held in your eyes before making my move. Then my mouth is attacking yours, greedily swiping for your tongue with my own, tooth nashing against tooth in a desperate hurry to devour you.
Fingers rip at buttons, sending random pieces of clothing flying until, half naked and mad for one another, you throw me to the bed, a fierce gleam in your eyes as my panties fall to the floor.
You grab my hips, stilling them just long enough and it’s almost violent, this race for gratification.
My legs wrap around your waist, my fingernails rip down your back, and I am screaming with amazement. Every other sound is lost.
We finish like an explosion and you say my name over and over again, taking it for your mantra. You relive pulsing in and out of me with words, Theresa … silence … Theresa … silence … until your voice drifts off into the night.
I feel your heartbeat inside of me as we ease away, back into the world. My mind is racing, and I am crazy for you, but must wait until this weekend.
Love you darlin,

Letter to Lindsay

December 9, 2003
Hey Lindsay,
I have to apologize as well for not writing sooner! You are my first letter
for Christmas because I had to make sure I wrote you. Wow, has it really been
6 months since I wrote last?!?!? It doesn’t seem like that long ago. Over
summer I worked at home on our farm. I helped mostly in the barn with the
fresh cows and with our reproduction program (including breeding an average
of 18 cows a week). I also cut most of our hay because dad doesn’t like sitting
in the tractor for more than 4 hours so I would do chores in the morning then
take over for him till 8 or 9. Monday nights I usually went to the park to
watch my little brother play softball. I couldn’t find a team to play on this
summer, I’m too old for the league I played on for like 10 years. I also spent
a lot of time with my niece and nephew and took them swimming a few times.
I miss them when I’m at school sooooo much! Rebecca is now 3 and Mikey is
1. They are both adorable and ‘My little angels.” (I have part of my wall
at school full of them and it says ‘My little angels” on top of it.) I have
lots of their pictures around the room. I showed two steers again at our county
fair and got reserve champion home bred and raised. I made $1.50/lb at the
auction, which was a great help for paying my first semester bill at school
this year. Hmmm.we went rafting this summer again. It’s a tradition. It was
mom and dad and my boyfriend (well ex now) and me. It was a lot of fun and
relaxing. I think that is about all I did besides go out with friends and
School is going pretty well so far. My goal is to keep a 3.0 throughout my college career. So far so good I guess. I have a 3.0 from last year and I’m right on the border again this semester so I’ll have to study up for finals next week. Starting to get into my core classes, which is good because I’m sick of the generals. I have nutrition, dairy foods, and dairy science 101 this semester so now I got the basics for my major. Spanish is kind of hard since I didn’t have much background from high school. I really want to learn it though so I’ll have to keep taking it. I haven’t decided yet but it may be my minor. I would like to minor in farm management as well but that will make me be here another semester and I don’t really want that.
My roommate is Mary. She is a good roommate. I knew her from last year, she
lived down the hall from me. She spends a lot of time with her boyfriend who
only lives downstairs, but it’s nice for studying sometimes. They are the
cutest couple ever. I’m jealous. I thought I had ‘the one’ but I guess I thought
wrong. Tom and I went out since September of last year to October this year
plus a year before that. I broke up with him because I felt like he didn’t
love me like he said he did. I really tried to make it work and always felt
disappointed when I got mad at him. I cried a lot the last month we went out
because I thought I was doing something wrong. I finally decided I couldn’t
handle that anymore so I broke up with him, which was the hardest thing I
have ever done. The two weeks after we broke up was really hard but the girls
here did a really great job on keeping me occupied and stuff. We went out
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for 3 weeks in a row and that helped a lot.
I still talk to him and he tried getting me back but I stood my ground this
time and stayed strong surprisingly. I made a promise to myself the day we
broke up that I wouldn’t date for 2 months and the 2-month mark is only a
week and a half away yet and I’m still not ready for another relationship.
Its nice being single, you don’t have to worry about how your actions are
going to affect the other person. I’ve met a couple of cute boys since then
from going out but only gave my number away once and have only heard from
him once so I kind of lost hope for those. Mary’s boyfriend introduced me
to a few of his friends but they aren’t really cute but they are really nice.
I don’t want to jump into anything so I’m just going to wait a while and go
with the flow.
Not much else is new. Got my Christmas shopping pretty much done. Handed out some to the girls in the hall cause I couldn’t wait. Just stuff to wrap mostly. Mom, my aunt, and my cousin came up last weekend to go shopping at the Mall of America. We got a lot done and I’m getting a lot of clothes! Yea!!! I’m also getting speakers for my laptop and a subwoofer. The sound on this thing sucks. I got most of my presents for the family and friends then and mom just took them home so I didn’t have to store them in my little room. I get to go home next weekend (the 20th). But I have to work till 6ish so I’ll have to drive in the dark for 5 hours. 9 I usually call people and talk to them with my hands-free thing mom got me. Hopefully the roads will be good. It’s been snowing all day and we have about 6 inches so far. I don’t like driving when its snowing because I don’t like slippery roads.
Well, I guess that is it. I don’t think I ever wrote this long of a letter before. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love Letter (Mixed)

2 Neelam
Dear Neelam, How are you today or tonight? I hope you are doing ok there? It was nice to receive your latter and photo’s. I will not tell nobody about what u asked of me it is safe here.
My dick is always hard and sometimes I even jack my shit off myself just 4 you wishing you was here with me, I don’t mind to stroke my dick infront of you, and believe it or not I even tasted my own shit when I was younger, didn’t like it though.
Know that I love you and that you are in my heart, I think of you like I think of my car which is all the time. I hope n pray that one day we will see each other in person and not just on the camera screen. I know that since you won the bet I may eat and swallow your juicies cause even though I have not tasted u yet I am sure that it will be nice. I like to see you in your photo’s cuz u are like a doll to me.. a doll that cant be broken and a freaky doll at that.
I would like to see S. Africa one day and even other places but without you and her with me it may be dangerous for me alone. Your hair is like grass always moving and blowing in the wind, your breast is like plump mangoes with a cherry on top ready to be licked. You can tie me up and do me good, with you as the current winner of the bet (don’t know if u still have a copy of that) but we still need to complete that transaction. You have sweat thing to say and romantic words when we cyber sex.
When we marry we will marry Islamicly not the court.
Love ya


My Test Scores

ACT Records
P.O. Box 451
Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0451

Dear ACT Records,

I am writing on behalf of students everywhere to inquire about testing procedures
and general testing results. You see, when I discovered my test results,
I have to admit that I was a little annoyed. It appears that when you gave
me my horrible test score, you forgot that the person you were giving the
test score to. It appeared that you forgot to add at least 2 points for my
general amazingness, 2 for being pretty, and the bonus 3 points for taking
the ACT three times (in accordance of the 3 for 3 deal). This means that
my ACT test score could as much as 7 points higher. Not only this, but I
think you also forgot to take some other important factors about me into
account., such as I am a woman. And did you check out my ethnic back round?
Probably not, seeing as I’m part African American, Chinese, AND have some Native American in me. And doesn’t it mean something that I’m an amputee patient? Or perhaps a cancer patient in remission? I though being a war veteran helped too. I doesn’t not seem at though any of these factors were taken into account. Thankfully I, along with several other students, I’m sure, that you probably made this mistake with, are forgiving. Simply change the scores, and the complimentary bomb that I am sending with this letter will not have to take action.

Kerry Holliday

I Love You

I love you
But now I leave you
Why I don’t know
It’s just all to much to handle
Now I die and what happens
Life goes on for the rest of you
So why I’m here
I don’t know
So now I leave you to carry on with your life
as I end mine
This is the last time I’ll piss you off or make you cry.
My time is up
The gun is on the table
Then it’s next to my head
And then I’m gone
Goodbye to the cruel world!