Accessibility and Privacy policies

Accessibility policy

I’m working on making this site as accessible as possible. It’s a process rather than a product, so there will always be more to do, but in the meantime I’m making everything with Web Standards, testing everything with JAWS and hoping that I’m doing enough. If I’m not, please let me know.

Privacy policy

When you leave a comment you’re asked for your email address. This will never be published on the site, or sold, or given, to anyone else. (Unless you use this site confess to a murder so the police demand your details, but I figure that’s probably unlikely; you’re a lovely unhomicidal person, I can tell that just by looking.)

So why do I ask for – nay, require – your mail address when you comment? Quite simply, because, once I’ve approved the first comment from a given email address, I assume you won’t turn all homicidal, so your subsequent comments are published straight away. The email addresses are checked by teams of dedicated MySQL Fairies and I never see them.

Comments policy

I’m a foul-mouthed little fucker, so please join me in filth. But racist or homophobic stuff is deleted, whether it’s got obscenities in it or not.

Insult me as much as you like, though I tend to delete anonymous insults that don’t make any new points.

Spam obviously gets nuked, and bad karma comes your way for ten generations.