Some unbiased reviews for businesses, that will hopefully appear on web searches for the establishments’ names.

Frank Stone’s Garage, 103 York Road, Hall Green B28 8LH

Recommended. I’ve had all my vehicles serviced, MOTed or repaired by Frank Stone’s.They’re honest, polite, helpful, do what they promised when they promised and the price is right. Tel: 0121 778 1363

Zinfandel Restaurant, Eltham High Street SE9

Not recommended. Perhaps teething problems, as we visited 3 days after it opened. Our waiter didn’t know his own menu. Service was friendly, but inefficient. Sadly, the food uninspired; the lahmacun was soggy, the peynirli borek were oily. There was no tea in tulip glasses. The calamari was good and the lamb kebabs decent too. Will wait for them to get better organised before revisiting.

Brown and Daughter removals

Avoid Brown and Daughter removals. I got two letters through my door, one promoting this firm, another promoting a different firm (which has subsequently changed hands, so I’m not naming it here). I asked each to provide quotations, and the same man came round representing the two different companies (and provided two differing quotes).

I asked him why he was with two companies and got a long explanation with too much information: his divorce, his colostomy etc. Having resolved to use him, he called up a day later to withdraw his quote because of my nosey questions. He phoned back three times to continue berating me.

Charles Jones Plumbing and Heating

Recommended. Always services my heating. Nice bloke, always reliable. 01527 857344.