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Accessibility: Back to the Future

Here’s a talk I did at a lovely inclusive, anarchic, friendly conference last month called Monki Gras. It was great; a low ticket-price, proper food, craft beers and melted cheese snacks, a diverse group of speakers and a diverse audience. I made loads of new friends and heard loads of new perspectives.

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2 Responses to “ Accessibility: Back to the Future ”

Comment by Naomi Blindeman

Hi, I enjoyed this very much and agree and I was wondering: you show a nice graph about how many hours people have to work to pay for 500MB of data, and you mention that these figures are from the World Bank and I’ve been trying to find them (in hopes of finding more numbers, so I can use them) but I haven’t been able to. So far the only source I’ve found is, which doesn’t seem to exist anymore, and some writing on TechCrunch by Nathan Eagle (founder of and those also point back to, which doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, to finally get to what I was wondering about: do you remember where you found this information? Would love to hear.
Thank you!

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