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On the rudeness of March To Leave

The word ‘demagogue’

refers to someone who may be charismatic and often bombastic, and is able to use his oratorical skills to appeal to the baser, more negative side of people’s feelings

It’s an apt word for the right-wingest of the Brexiteers who are marching to leave. The way they speak about the European negotiators is simply rude: “You must live in Narnia, Michel Barnier!” and “Get back in your bunker, Jean-Claude Juncker!”, both on the march to leave home page.

Silly people.

3 Responses to “ On the rudeness of March To Leave ”

Comment by Andy Armstrong

I think you missed the footnote! “This site is a parody of If it offends you, you may be a precious snowflake.”

Comment by Charlie

@andy, while you’re right, it also illustrates the difficulty of parodying extremism, which thrives on inconsistency.

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