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Reading List 268

  • Link o’ The Week: Why it’s good for users that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages by Hidde de Vries
  • Bonus Link o’ The Week: Web Histories – “The Web Histories project is an attempt to document the stories of those who have helped to shape the open web platform, with a focus on those people who are often underrepresented in the formal histories.” by Rachel Andrew
  • The F-word episode 7 – Leningrad Lothario, Russian roister-doister Vadim spared a moment from his dizzying social life to sit with me and discuss Chrome 88 and the latest web development Grand Unification Proposal (= make it all JSON)
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Accessible User Research – “Researchers often want to include people with access needs in their studies but don’t know where to begin. This three-part series covers the various considerations for adapting your practice to include people with disabilities.”
  • Under-Engineered Responsive Tables – “I am just going to show you the bare minimum you need to make a WCAG-compliant responsive HTML table” says Uncle Adrian Roselli: <div role="region" aria-labelledby="Caption01" tabindex="0"> <table>[…]</table> </div>
  • Resources for developing accessible cards/tiles
  • Accessible SVGs – I needed this again this week/
  • Alt vs figcaption – what’s the difference, when should you use which and how.
  • Weaving Web Accessibility With Usability gives actionable advice on usability testing with disabled people (and quotes me!)
  • Welcome to Your Bland New World “The VC community is an increasingly predictable and lookalike bunch that just seems to follow each other around from one trivial idea to another”. Excellent article!
  • Is Stencil a Better React? by Wix Engineering (a React contributor). “the same JSX as React & some of the same concepts… Compiles to standard web components with optimal performance…Stencil was faster compared to React… also faster compared to Svelte, at least within this use case.”
  • CPRA Passes, Further Bolstering Privacy Regulations and Requirements in California “agreement obtained through use of dark patterns does not constitute consent”
  • 2020 Affordability Report – “Over a billion people live in the 57 countries in our survey that are yet to meet the UN Broadband Commission’s ‘1 for 2’ affordability threshold. 1GB is the minimum that allows someone to use the internet effectively”
  • Clean Advertising – an interesting article by Jezza with a bonus useful tip about tigers which I’ll be trying tonight.
  • New UK tech regulator to limit power of Google and Facebook – “the dominance of just a few big tech companies is leading to less innovation, higher advertising prices and less choice and control for consumers”