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Bill Gates’ secret Covid letter to Soros

I can’t reveal my sources, but this letter from two years ago today recently came into my possession while I was doing some research prompted by Eve Fullard, a highly-trained virologist/ epidemiologist/ political commentator and legal scholar who finds time in her busy schedule to post lots of spelling mistakes on GB News.

letter, text follows

Bill Gate’s office
Area 51

11 November 2019

Dear Soros,

I was recently contacted by Zogmuffin, King of the Reptilians. He confirms that they have finished kidnapping humans, whisking them away in UFOs and sticking probes up their bums, and have decided to move onto Phase 2 of their plan to take over the world.

At our last meeting at the Bilderberg Illuminati Group, you mentioned that you and a cabal of Chinese Jews have a secret lab in Wuhan. Do you think you could release a virus (make it look like an accident, like we did with Chernobyl!), so I can co-ordinate all the world’s governments, scientists and academics in a secret plan to inject the world with a “vaccine filled with 5G nanobots that will change everyone’s DNA and make them willing fodder for the Reptilians to eat?

Have a think and let me know at Epstein’s Xmas Pizza ‘n’ Pedophilia party.

All the best, and Hail Zogmuffin!


Smoking gun, there. WAK UP SHEEPLE!!!!

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