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“Whose web is it, anyway?” My axe-con talk

The nice people at Deque systems asked me to kick off the developer track of their Axe Conference 2023. You can view the design glory of my slides (and download the PDF for links etc). Here’s the subtitled video.

(We’ll ignore the false accusation in the closed captions that I was speaking *American* English.)

I generated the transcript using the jaw-droppingly accurate open-source Whisper AI. Eric Meyer has instructions on installing it from the command line. Mac users can buy a lifetime of updates to MacWhisper for less than £20, which I’ve switched to because the UI is better for checking, correcting and exporting (un-timestamped) transcripts like we use for our F-word podcast (full of technical jargon, with a Englishman, a Russian and even an American speaking English with their own accents). This is what Machine Learning is great for: doing mundane tasks fast and better, not pirating other people’s art to produce weird uncanny valley imagery. I’m happy to welcome my robot overlords if they do drudgery for me.

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