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  • Link ‘o the week: Safari isn’t protecting the web, it’s killing it – also featuring “Safari is killing the web through show-stopping bugs” eg, IndexedDB, localStorage, 100vh, Fetch requests skipping the service worker, and all your other favourites. Sort it out, NotSteve.
  • Do App Store Rules Matter? – “half of the revenue comes from just 0.5% of the users … last year, Apple made $7-8bn in commission revenue from perhaps 5m people spending over $450 a quarter on in-app purchases in games. Apple has started talking a lot about helping you use your iPhone in more healthy ways, but that doesn’t seem to extend to the app store.”
  • URL protocol handler registration for PWAs – Chromium 92 will let installed PWAs handle links that use a specific protocol for a more integrated experience.
  • Xiaomi knocks Apple off #2 spot – but will it become the next Huawei? – “Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is now the second largest smartphone maker in the world. In last quarter’s results it had a 17% share of global smartphone shipments, ahead of Apple’s 14% and behind Samsung’s 19%
  • One-offs and low-expectations with Safari – “Jen Simmons solicited some open feedback about WebKit, asking what they might “need to add / change / fix / invent to help you?” … If I could ask for anything, it’d be that Apple loosen the purse strings and let Webkit be that warehouse for web innovation that it was a decade ago.” by Dave Rupert
  • Concern trolls and power grabs: Inside Big Tech’s angry, geeky, often petty war for your privacy – “Inside the World Wide Web Consortium, where the world’s top engineers battle over the future of your data.
  • Intent to Ship: CSS Overflow scrollbar-gutter – Tab Atkins explains “the space that a scrollbar *would* take up is always reserved regardless, so it doesn’t matter whether the scrollbar pops in or not. You can also get the same space reserved on the other side for visual symmetry if you want.”
  • Homepage UX – 8 Common Pitfalls starring 75% with carousels implement them badly (TL;DR: don’t bother); 22% hide the Search field; 35% don’t implement country and language selection correctly; 43% don’t style clickable interface elements effectively
  • WVG – Web Vector Graphics – a proof of concept spec from yer man @Hixie on a vector graphics format for Flutter (whatever that is). Interesting discussions on design decisions and trade offs.

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