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Holi- Holiday

Been away on my hols to sunny London for beer, family and mind-improving things
for Marina. So London Zoo, a city farm, the London transport system, and the
highlights: the Sutton
Hoo boat grave artefacts
(that I wrote a dissertation about many years
ago) and the excellent
3D exhibition of Egyptian mummies
at the British museum, in which you wear
3D glasses and go travelling inside a mummified corpse, courtesy of 3D technology
and MRI scanners. Of course, this lead to a series of questions: why do people
die? how old do people die? will I die, Daddy? that are tricky
to answer to a five year old. Or a 37 year old, come to that.

So, on returning home, my in-box was full of automatic failure notifications
from spam mails that I never sent. Someone is spoofing my return address to
sell the usual shit. If you’ve come here because you got a mail from someone
like offering you a pharmaceutical pyramid
scheme or the addresses of horny Russian ladies looking for marriage, it ain’t
here. Sorry!

Song: “Kitty Fisher’s Locket”

Kitty Fisher was a lover of Charles I. "Kitty Fisher’s Locket" was an old English folk song that I’d heard of (it was a rude song, as locket was slang for vagina). I never found the original words or tune, so wrote my own. Alison Eglinton sings double-tracked vocals, I play double-tracked guitars and a bit of keyboard.

(Here’s the demo version, recorded on a rainy Sunday afternoon as I was writing it, with me on vocals and double-tracked acoustic guitar:

If Kitty Fisher gives you pictures Make sure that you frame them.
“Here’s one I drew, that man’s you; It’s of heaven when it’s raining.
There’s saint Peter in a mac, he’s got two wings on his back. Do you like it?”

If Kitty Fisher, seeking pleasure talks of making love with you.
Softly kiss her, speak in whispers, watch how she moves under you.
Hold her while she weeps when you both come.
Let the silence in to soothe her.

If Kitty Fisher gives you treasure keep it in your pocket.
Memories in filigree That’s Kitty Fisher’s locket.
“That’s me and my mother when I was a little girl.
Do you think I was pretty?
That’s me in a forest, another time, a different place.
Do you like me?”

Words / music Β© Bruce Lawson, all rights reserved

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Curse This Nice Weather ..

Serves me right for posting how my MS doesn’t affect me too badly. Now the weather’s turned warm and humid, I feel as limp and useless as the Pope’s dick.
Last year was worse, but I was working from home, so wore shorts and had an industrial-strength fan aimed at me; my new company’s office allows no air circulation at all without clambouring, like spiderman in a business suit, onto desks and opening two windows. And, think of my dignity, dahhhling…

Of course, should the weather cool down, I will still complain. I am British, after all.

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