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WaSP Accessibility Task Force

Web Standards Project logoI’m delighted to announce that I’ve accepted an invitation to join the newly-formed Accessibility Task Force for the WaSP.

Molly invited me at the @media conference when I first met my colleagues Gez Lemon, Andy Clarke, Patrick Lauke, Ian Lloyd and Derek Featherstone, and I’m honoured.
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(Last Updated on 14 July 2005)

Concrete Donkey for sale!

Advert cut from newspaper: Concrete donkey for garden, 3ft high, painted brown and white, cost70, sell30
It is a mark of my utterly skewed priorities that, on reading my local freesheet, I considered buying this concrete donkey, until it occurred to me that it’d be a bugger to get in and out of the car.

Nevertheless, a three foot brown and white concrete donkey would look pretty cool.

The best things about “The Yes Men”

I thoroughly enjoyed my DVD of “The Yes Men” yesterday, because:

  • It is a perfect example of detournement in situationist thinking: exposing the society of the spectacle via an even greater, more ridiculous spectacle
  • It did so using poo and willy gags
  • The activists could only have met, worked together and set up their pranks because of the Internet
  • It reminded me that most Americans are not bible-thumping money-worshipping solipsistic buffoons (it’s been three years and the re-election of George Dubya since I’ve been to the U.S., so I needed reminding)
  • Much of what they were saying is absolutely correct.

(Last Updated on 8 June 2005)